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In getting a tutor, parents must be actively involved in this process to be sure that the right kind of person is not only teaching their child educational materials but also one with the right kind of value and manners. While choosing a private tutor, the parent(s) must look for referrals from close and trusted families and friends to recommend a person of noble and worthy character. This is the most paramount because a growing child must spend time with morally upright people for positive influence(s). When a tutor is recommended, the parent must interview the individual for the job.

It is no news that the upbringing of a child is the core responsibility of the parent(s) and the upbringing up of children into a balanced and responsible individuals in the future takes much more than providing financial needs. The moral, social, spiritual, as well as the educational well-being of the child, is a very wide scope which parent(s) have both the spiritual mandate and legal responsibility of fulfilling, it’s a God-given role. Children must be groomed to be a responsible and responsive member of their community, while a children’s character is very crucial for the total well-being, parents must make sure that all other developmental orientation of the child is not left to the subject of chance. Children must learn, play and stay in a very positive environment devoid of any form of negative influence and interference, which helps in the achievement of they becoming the very admirable individuals that any home, family, society or country can ever produce.

The intellectual aspect of every child must be deliberately nurtured. Apart from enrolling the child in very good schools, parent(s) must make sure that the child is learning and understanding what is being taught in the class. If by any chance a child isn’t learning as fast as he should, the parent must investigate that the learning environment in school is not a contributory factor in this child’s slow learning process. When parents discover that their child is not mastering a particular subject well enough, and the slowness is not attributed to any medical or mental condition(s), it is advised that the skill of a private tutor be sort, one experienced with teaching children, to give lessons on the weak subject(s). If the child has difficulties learning in the traditional way or method of teaching in school, getting a private tutor is a healthy option to boost the child’s learning curve.

Often parents don’t prepare for meeting(s) with potential tutors because it is taken for granted that he/she knows what is required but this is a wrong way of hiring. The parent must research into the subject that this particular tutor teaches and ask relevant questions pertaining to the issue at hand. Ask if this particular tutor has worked with a child before. He/she must be able to give a detailed analysis of the experience he has had with kids in the past and how he handled them. What about crisis management in teaching children, does he know this? The tutor must provide satisfactory answers to these questions. Parent must know how the potential tutor plans to capture the child’s interest and attention.

While having the recruitment conversion with the potential tutor, other relevant questions must be asked. Such as religious beliefs, social background, educational qualification and teaching experience. This process is to determine the content of the tutor and if it fits into the values the parents hold dear and be in reasonable control of who and what they want their child to come in contact with.

The environment of the child must also be very conducive for learning devoid of noise, constant interruptions and distractions. The child should be able to concentrate on the subject being taught.

After this has been done satisfactorily, methods of teaching should be the next subject for discussion and this must be tailored to suit the child’s learning needs. Will it be the traditional method of teaching, internet-based method or the combination of the two. At this stage, the subject contents should be outlined to fit that of the school curriculum so that the child learns the relevant topics.

Lastly, parents should not as a matter of principle leave their child alone with the tutor. Either one or both parents or a trusted relative must monitor whenever this private tutor is teaching the child. This shows that those who hired the tutor are very interested in the progress of their child and also to be sure that no questionable interaction(s) ensues between the child and the tutor.


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