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In this time where the world lives online, much is expected from you as a professional. One of those things includes having a certificate to show for your chosen profession. 

Regardless of your field of profession, a certificate is essential. Today, we’ll be talking about the benefits of getting a PMP certificate.

What is PMP? Why do I need the certificate? What are the overview and benefits of this certificate in question?

These are right questions to ask yourself and in a bit, you’ll have all the information you need. Stay with me.

What is PMP

PMP is an acronym for Project Management Professional. Just like the name implies, it is about Project Management. The Project Management Professional is a professional certificate that is recognized internationally and given by the Project Management Institute (PMI)  after the completion of course(s). 

Before it gets confusing, let’s get a glimpse of what project management is about.

Project Management: 

This is the careful and practical organization, planning, execution, analysis, timing, control, strategy, development, monitoring and process of a project. 

Project management can also be said to be the process of overseeing a team’s activity to complete all project objectives within the established restrictions.

Simply put, let’s see it this way.

Wrapping a product or services in value is mostly termed as “project”. Every product or service wants to be valuable and every product has a starting point & an ending point. 

The values a product wants to offer have a budget, team, timing and other technicalities in the background.  To give that value, Project Management comes in ; which is using specific knowledge, skills and tools to make the value delivery worth it. Construction of a road, planning an event, building a house, and mobile gadget launch are all examples of projects. What stands out is each project has a beginning and end, Project Management is the process it goes through till completion. And a person who oversees this process is a Project Manager

Now that we have established the meaning of Project Management, let’s delve into the benefits of getting a PMP certificate. 

Benefits of getting a PMP certificate:

  1.  It shows commitment 

The project management institute(PMI) is a tough place to be especially because it is internationally recognized. The certification comes after there has been dedication and total commitment to the cause. Just like a bachelor’s degree certification that you get after years of being in school and passing through various tests and exams to see how versed you are with the course. 

Asides the commitment to the process, having a certification in PMP is a similitude to increasing your credentials, expertise and knowledge. 

That’s something highly recognized.

  1. Money earnings increase

Most job listings these days request for certification(s) and experience in the field. Being certified means you have paid your dues to become a professional and have now become an expert. Professionals are paid higher in today’s market. 

Don’t we all love to be respected and paid higher? 

It’s an interesting benefit that when you think of it, you want to get professional. It’s why people finish bachelor’s degrees and proceed to do their Masters or enroll for specific professional courses.

  1. Project Management Language Skills

Every profession has their unique language and terms used to communicate. Having experience in management might not teach you that language but, having a PMP certificate would. 

Critical Path Method (CPM), Project Stakeholder, 

Project Portfolio Management, Waterfall Model, Dependencies, Milestones, Work in Progress, Work in Progress Limit and Bottleneck. Do these terms ring a bell?  All of these are project management terminologies that only a project manager knows. And it mostly comes from reading and studying the frameworks of project management while trying to be certified. You get the drill? 

Getting a PMP certification builds your project management language skills. 

  1. Increases the value of your resume

There are various other professional exams you can take to be a certified professional in project management. However, the PMP certification is the most valuable one. Recruiters tend to watch out for this and set a high priority on resumes with the PMP certification. This is because the demand for project managers is high in the market hence, there are a lot of applications and to consider checking the potential of an applicant in the second stage of recruitment (read as interview), reducing the list to those who have certification from the globally recognized institute is usually their first decision.

Also, some companies state it in their requirements now to have a PMP certification. 

It’s safe to say you are one step to getting the job or being promoted as a certified professional.

  1. Networking Benefits

The Project Management Institute has close to 800,000 active people with PMP certification. In PMI, you have the opportunity to sign up as a member. Once you join the club, you are updated on the meetings that are organized in different places in the world. Now, the best part attending these meetings earns you a professional development unit (PDI) which in turn helps you keep your CCRs (Continuous Credential Requirements). All of these are essential in the project management field.

The best part? 

In these meetings that are held, you can get to know of various job opportunities that can skyrocket your career. You also network with like-minds and people that know how much value it is to have a PMP certificate. 


PMP requires your time, effort and money. But, it’s all worth it in the end. 

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