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Nigeria's EdTech Companies You Need to Know About

Nigeria is a hotbed for innovation, and the education sector is no exception. EdTech (educational technology) companies are springing up across the country, leveraging the power of technology to transform learning for students of all ages. Here, we’ll explore 10 of the leading EdTech companies in Nigeria, showcasing the diverse landscape of educational technology shaping the future of learning.

1. Nigenius: Smart Tutoring Hub

Nigenius connects students with high-quality tutors, offering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) specialists for schools and a network of vetted educators for parents seeking home tutoring solutions. They also provide teachers with valuable resources and utilize an intelligent virtual assistant to enhance global accessibility.

2. Gradely: Data-Driven Personalized Learning

Gradely empowers educators and parents by personalizing learning journeys for K-12 students. Through assessments and data analysis, Gradely recommends targeted video lessons and resources to optimize academic performance. Integration with schools unlocks further possibilities, allowing teachers to create assessments, share materials, conduct online classes, and streamline administrative tasks.

3. Sabiteach: Your One-Stop Online Tutoring Marketplace (That’s Us!)

Sabiteach is proud to be a leading name in Nigerian EdTech. Our platform connects learners with qualified tutors based on learning styles and preferences. Whether you seek online or in-person tutoring, Sabiteach offers a user-friendly marketplace for booking lessons, managing schedules, and experiencing a seamless learning journey across all subjects and age groups and also a learning community.

4. GotoCourse: On-Demand Video Learning

GotoCourse provides a platform for experts to create and share in-depth video courses on a wide range of subjects. Learners can access these courses on-demand, allowing for flexible and self-paced learning.

5. uLesson: Interactive Online Learning Platform

uLesson is a popular platform offering interactive video lessons and quizzes for secondary school students. Their comprehensive curriculum covers subjects like math, physics, chemistry, and biology, providing accessible and engaging learning experiences.

6. Varsity Scape: University Life Redefined

Varsity Scape is an EdTech platform dedicated to enhancing the university experience. They offer resources and services specifically tailored to university students, such as accommodation listings, scholarship opportunities, and online communities for connecting with peers.

7. AltSchool Africa:

AltSchool Africa focuses on transforming primary education through a holistic approach. They operate a network of pre-schools and primary schools that integrate technology into the curriculum, fostering a love of learning and preparing students for the future.

8. Codepym:

Codepym equips students with the in-demand skills of the digital age by offering coding and tech-related courses. Their programs target students of all ages, from children to adults, empowering them to participate in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

9. Klas: Learning Management Solutions

Klas offers a suite of tools designed to streamline learning management for schools and institutions. Their platform allows for creating and delivering online courses, conducting assessments, and tracking student progress – all in one centralized location.

10. Money Africa: Financial Literacy for All

Money Africa tackles the crucial issue of financial literacy by providing educational resources and tools to empower Nigerians of all ages to make informed financial decisions. Their platform offers courses, articles, and interactive tools to promote financial wellness.

This list just scratches the surface of the exciting EdTech revolution happening in Nigeria. Each company plays a vital role in shaping a more accessible, engaging, and effective education system.

At Sabiteach, we’re committed to being at the forefront of this movement. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of


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