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An image of several open books giving emphasis about the mistakes to avoid when taking the IELTS Reading test.
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IELTS Reading Test: 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid.

You can enhance your performance in the IELTS Reading Test by using skimming and scanning techniques, identifying keywords and synonyms, focusing on the...

9 Proven Tips to Ace the WAEC GCE Exams
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9 Proven Tips to Ace the WAEC GCE Exams

As you prepare for these exams, it is important to put a solid strategy in place for better chances in the exam

5 helpful back-to-school Tips for Parents.
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5 Helpful Back-to-School Tips for Parents.

These back-to-school tips will help you and your child: - Conquer the school year with confidence. - be set up for success, academically and emotionally.

5 tech skills to prepare your child for a career in tech
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5 Tech Skills to Prepare Your Child for A Career in Tech.      

tech skills to prepare your child for a career in tech are Cybersecurity, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Design, Coding Some resources include:

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged this Summer
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Top (5) Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged This Summer Holiday.

It’s almost summertime – and this blog will teach you ways to keep your kids engaged this summer holiday. Summer is the perfect opportunity to

ABC Steps to Take For Your Next IELTS

ABC Steps to Take for Your IELTS Registration

IELTS which is short for International English Language Testing System is a test for English fluency. The two types of training tests are the Academic

Empowering the Next Generation for the Future of Work
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STEAM Fun Fest Set To Prepare Children for Future of Work

The biggest event in Africa, STEAM Fun Fest, is set to prepare kids for the future of work in its upcoming 2023 edition. The STEAM

Best Special Needs In Lagos


Special needs schools are institutions that provide support for children with learning difficulties or impairments. Usually, they address and support the social, emotional, academic, and